Gifts For Good


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What is an Alternative Gift Fair?

When thinking about giving a gift, why give the same old, same old? Give a gift that keeps on giving.  Loudoun Gifts for Good provides our community with a meaningful alternative for year round gift  giving – one that celebrates personal charity in support of nonprofits that strengthen our community and  promote the common good.  This year 16 Loudoun-based non-profit  organizations are participating in Loudoun Gifts for Good.  Your gift through Loudoun Gifts for Good will not only honor the person in whose name you give it, but can support the charities in our community in programs that are making real impacts.

Loudoun Gifts for Good provides an easy way for people to donate to local charities in honor of friends and colleagues. The giver feels good about helping, the gift recipient is honored, the charity is supported, and our community is strengthened. Thanks to the support of the event’s sponsors, 100% of proceeds help deliver services to Loudoun residents.


Click HERE To Browse through the 19 Loudoun-based non-profits.